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Tessa Fox, LCSW


Tessa is committed to the pursuit of personal growth and to helping others on their own journey, across all stages of life. She has always been drawn to the mental health field and has accumulated a wide array of experience across Chicago, Boston and the Greater New York City area.  Her time has been spent working in a variety of settings and roles, with a focus on providing counseling, clinical supervision, program development and operational support in the following settings:

  • Behavioral Health Startup

  • Community Mental Health Centers 

  • Residential Treatment Centers 

  • Hospitals (Mount Sinai Hospital)

  • Non-Profits working with at-risk youth (Jewish Board)

  • Care Coordination/Health Homes program development & implementation

  • School Districts (Boston, MA and Newark, NJ) 

Working with parents and families has always been a driving force for her private practice. When she became a mom in 2016, Tessa realized how challenging the postpartum (and pregnancy) period can be and recognized how great the needs of new parents are.  She noticed that many mental health providers were not asking about Postpartum Depression and Anxiety (PPD/PPA) and few parents were able to share their experience without a feeling of shame or guilt.  Knowing firsthand how difficult the adjustment to parenthood can be, she created a space where parents & caretakers feel comfortable talking about postpartum and/or parenting struggles.

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Along with a specialization in perinatal mood disorders, she has a maternal mental health certificate (PSI/2020 Moms).  She is also a certified school social worker in NJ and acts as an advocate to support parents through the special education process in their respective school districts. In addition she is a NJ certified clinical supervisor and is passionate about supporting new clinicians working towards their clinical licensure. 

Tessa believes no one should feel like they are alone in motherhood/parenthood because it "takes a village."  As the mom of two energetic boys, she knows it isn’t easy juggling it all and hopes to help parents throughout their parenting journey. 

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